Thursday, February 6, 2020

Grade 1 Term 2 - Week 5

What we are learning about in Grade 1

Inquiry: People write in different ways to express ideas
Learner Profile: Communicator
Transdisciplinary Skill: Communication Skills - Expressing ourselves and our ideas through our comics
Mathematics: Subtraction- Using different methods to solve a math problem: place value charts, 10 frames and number lines, base 10 blocks
Reading: Recognizing the structure and elements of a story, use sources of information and prior knowledge, personal stories and experiences to make meaning, guided reading, buddy reading
Writing: Make sure we incorporate what we learned in reading and applying it into our writing - elements of a story, pictures that relate to the words, read from top to bottom, left to right, the use of speech bubbles

Co-created the rubric for our comics:

Finishing our comics!

Coming up with ideas for the video to be shown at the Celebration of Learning

Filming our videos

Learned about how much danger the koalas are in so we took action and made a poster to show our support

Having a video chat with Ms. Melanie and asked her questions about the bush fire in Australia:

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