Thursday, February 6, 2020

Kindergarten - Term 2 Week 5

We began the week creatively by collaborating with Preschool again to paint our salt fireworks.
The fireworks look great and they are now on display in the corridor.

We then made our final Chinese-inspired craft - a rattle drum!

In Math, we continued patterns and were thinkers trying to work out some pattern errors.
Here is one pattern activity we did at the beginning of the week:

We studied -ng words!

The students have been real inquirers this week. 
One student thought of an animal and the rest of the class thought up questions to ask about it.

Some photos from Show and Tell:

Miscellaneous photos from the week:

Lastly, a massive thank you to all the students who donated money to grade 2's 'Save the Koala' fund!
Here are photos of some of the students donating:

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