Friday, February 14, 2020

Grade 5 Term 2 Week 6

Hello SIS Families!

This week we started our new unit of inquiry, How the World Works.
Our new central idea is: states of matters used to further human
progress can provide challenges and benefits for society and the

To start our new unit, we bought snacks from AEON. We bought
lots of chips and chocolate. We tasted and smelled the snacks
and we wrote how it tasted and how it smelled!

We answered some questions with the snacks we bought. We
answered questions about snack inquiry and it was really fun that
we tasted and answered the questions!   

On Wednesday And Thursday we did the ISA test. We did writing,
reading, and math. After the ISA test, we had a great day.

And on Friday we made our portfolio because next week we will
be doing our student conference with our parents.

The news group did lots of things, like they typed a script, filmed
with a camera.


Thank You for reading our blog.

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