Friday, February 7, 2020

Grade 5 Term 2 Week 5

   For inquiry we did poems about ourselves.
We were getting ready for the celebration
of learning.We put google slides, opening
google photos to show our collage. We did
a lot. We worked really hard to finish this
all in a week! Tired...Very Tired...

        For math we learned about the area and
perimeter of the rectangle and triangle. We
watched a video of the area and perimeter
to understand the area and perimeter. Ms.
Alyssa showed a question to solve this
problem. We use ½ x Base x height to
solve the area of a triangle. 

   We finally painted our Salt Dough map of
Japan. When the salt dough map is dried,
we use light blue, light green, green and brown
paints to decorate the map of Japan. We made
a cool salt dough map of Japan.

We learned many things in language and we did
a field trip reflection. They have lots of questions
and different things to answer with two pictures
that have art on it. For example: when you look
at the art before reading the information plaque,
what do you notice about what the art looks like?

We went on a field trip to Mori Art Museum. We
found amazing realistic art. We were astounded by
how cool the art was. We took lots of photos of the
art. We got back to class at 1:45pm. We looked at
strange and interesting art. And we did Field Trip
Reflection in school.

-Written by Grade 5 Students

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