Thursday, February 13, 2020

Grade 4 Term 2: week 6


We started off this week with a reflection on our unit and a very successful celebration of learning. Many people came to see our artwork and enjoy some activities. We had to write about how successful we had been in our assessed piece of artwork and explain how we might improve our ideas next time.
We have also started talking about our new unit of inquiry - How the World Works - by finding out what we already know about energy and its uses and all the different types of energy in the world. We have also discussed what kind of science investigations we would like to try and do as part of the inquiry.


All the students in Grade 4 participated in our ISA tests this week. They worked very  hard to answer questions on Mathematics and in Reading, and wrote extensively for their two pieces of writing. I would like to commend all the children on their positive attitude and diligence towards the assessments this week.


We have begun our new unit by researching what energy is, using reliable sources (books from our library) and making notes alongside diagrams and drawings to show our understanding. Over the course of this unit we will be preparing persuasive arguments in order to be able to debate the issues surrounding energy use on our planet. 

Practising our multiplication knowledge and creating our own mathematics games

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