Thursday, February 13, 2020

PRE-K senses (LISTEN)

In PreK this week,
we have been focusing on our 'listening' sense.
We discussed about what things we can hear with our ears,
and also the things that we can't.

We had a discussion about
'can we hear our heartbeat?'
Then our students went around to their classmates 
to listen to each others heartbeats.
When we figured out that we can hear others heartbeats,
we then had another question of, 'can we hear our own heartbeat?'
and we came up with an answer of 'no'.
It was a great inquiry question to work on as a class!

We also did a fun game called 'GUESS THE SOUND'
The students were to listen carefully to the sound
and try to guess what sound it is.
This not only got our students to listen carefully,
but it also helped our students to work on their English skills 
(expressing and explaining in sentences)

'sounds like water running from the tap'
'it sounds like toilet flushing'
'sounds like dog barking' etc

 Our Pre-K worked very hard at language time,
doing Phonics activities...


 Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters...

Ordering Lower and Uppercase Letters...

 Making words using the 'Word for Word' Blocks
and writing down all the words they make

At Math time, they used the dice to race their chosen stone 

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