Thursday, February 13, 2020

Grade 1 Term 2 - Week 6

What we are learning about in Grade 1

Inquiry: People develop simple machines for different purposes
Learner Profile: Inquirer, Thinker
Transdisciplinary Skill: Research Skills - Using different tools to aid us in our learning and exploration of the world around us
Mathematics: Addition and Subtraction- Fact families, using different methods to solve a math problem: place value charts, 10 frames and number lines, base 10 blocks
Reading: What is a simple machine and what do we use them for
Writing: Introducing the scientific method, started writing out our material list 

Highlights of the week:

Made and played our subtraction board game with a friend 

We came up with a whole wall of inquiry questions for the new unit!!

We drew what we've been learning about pulleys and presented our drawings in front of the class

Exploring the forces of push and pull with a balloon popper

We push everyday!

Let's pull the mat back to where it lives!

Working on a Valentine's Day craft for our parents

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