Thursday, February 13, 2020

Kindergarten - Term 2 Week 6

This week we started the unit of inquiry, 'How The World Works'! We looked at animals and considered how they are living things. We were thinkers and thought about where they live, what their natural habitat is, and what they need to survive. 

We visited Preschool's pet fish! The students thought about how Preschool recreated the fish's natural habitat so that it could live in the classroom.

We discussed why some animals live in zoos and not in the wild, and how it allows us to see animals from other countries we've never been to before. The students used the classroom toys to make their own zoo in groups. The students were caring and tried to recreate their natural habitats by considering what the animals eat. They also ensured there were entry/exit points of their cages. Spokespeople from each group explained to the rest of the class what the group has made, shops in their zoo etc.!

The students also designed and drew their own zoo. Some students considered safety signs, open and closing hours, entry and exit points restaurants and gift shops!

We linked the inquiry topic to 'tally charts' in Math this week. The students watched a video of Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, and recorded the number of different animals they saw using a tally chart. They also drew pictures of some animals they remembered from the video.

They also recorded the swimming animals they saw on a tally chart. 

We also used tally charts to investigate some toys in the classroom.

....and also to research our fellow classmates!

Ice-cream was the most popular dessert and apple was the least popular snack!

I created some laminated investigation charts for the students to use during Center Time in the morning. Some students really loved walking around, researching their classmates' favourite things and recording their responses.

We took our research one step further and even went into grade 2, 3, 5, and 6 classes to investigate which land, sea and air animals are the most popular. 
The Kindergarten students were real risk-takers as they asked the older students questions.

We studied words with the short 'oo' sound in Language

Some photos from this week's Show and Tell

Some miscellaneous photos from the week:

One student was able to correctly arrange all of the black time cards in order - well done!

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