Thursday, July 30, 2020

Week 4: Pre-K and Kindergarten

As we finish our final week of summer school, Prek and Kindergarten friends read The Gingerbread Man story. Within the story, we learned about the gingerbread man's problem and solution. We also looked at everyday problems we may encounter in our lives and discussed different solutions. Each friend thought of their own problem or things that they need to improve on and with assistance, came up with a solution. We had some friends that said that the coronavirus is a problem and keeping their rooms clean. Some of the solutions were to make a toy box to organize their toys and make a checklist to remind themselves to clean up or make sure they are doing things to keep their bodies healthy.


In math, we practiced addition and used different ways to show it. We also did problem-solving using addition by asking questions to get information to solve the problem.


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