Friday, July 17, 2020

Preschool and Pre-K week 2: How we express ourselves

    This week we learned about how to express ourselves through different forms of art.

    We learned about our feelings and had a class sharing wherein we cited some instances when we feel both positive and negative emotions. All the kids expressed their happiness from having a family. They drew rainbows and used bright colors in their artwork. They were introduced to famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Andy Warhol too. They created their own version of the famous “Starry Night”, and they also made their own pop art portrait by making a collage from colorful pieces of paper while using a mirror to see themselves as they draw their face.

    We ended the week with a fun Science experiment by using baking soda and vinegar to inflate our feeling balloons. We also had a “Movie Friday” wherein we watched “Inside Out”. The kids loved the characters and we discussed how each one represents our feelings.

    For our story time, we read “The Way I Feel”, “Goldie is Mad”, and “Angry”. These are really good books to guide them as they undergo phases of emotional growth at this early stage of their life. 

    Overall, our second week was awesome and they were able to reflect their feelings through art!

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