Thursday, July 30, 2020

Preschool/Pre-K: Last Week of Summer School

The last week of summer school was filled with reflections on what we want to be when we grow up. We drew self-portraits of our dream jobs and we plotted it in a chart to see what are the top favorites in our class. The top jobs are singer, dancer, pilot, ninja, and Spiderman! 

Wait, did I just say ninja and Spiderman? Why not! Being a superhero is a job too, right? One of our little friends even wanted to be a butterfly! 

We also counted how many teachers we have in school. We have 15 students in our class and we also found out that we have 2 school cleaners who help us stay away from germs by making sure that our school is clean. We thanked them for a job well done as we see them working hard to keep us safe. We tried being dentists for a day and learned how to take care of our teeth!

We also had a special guest for a job interview. We asked him W-questions about his job and anything that we are curious to know. Our interviewee was none other than Mr. Mehmet! We learned that he loves pistachios and that he has sisters. He is from Turkey and he speaks many languages. We learned about his job too and that he loves SIS kids so much.  

We also became bakers for a day and we made white chocolate chip strawberry cupcakes using clay. We counted how many chocolate chips we placed on top of it and baked it in the oven! 

For our last day, we had a costume and dance party. We dressed up as different community helpers and we had so much fun doing role plays and show & tell. Our summer school was such a memorable one because we made new friends, learned new skills, and we experienced enjoyable learning activities too! 

Steps on how to travel:

1. Prepare your passport and plane tickets.

2. Go to the airport and don't forget to bring your bags with you!

5. Let's ride the airplane and see the world!

We learned about who we are, expressing ourselves through art, how the world works, and how we organize ourselves in our community. Now, we are ready for our summer vacation!

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