Thursday, July 16, 2020

Summer School Art Week 2

Kindergarten and Preschool made frogs in Art class. We found out that frogs are amphibians and that they have 4 fingers and 5 toes. 

We used cardboard boxes and rubber bands to make a spring so that they frog would jump. We attached the frog to the spring in a sitting position. 

Click on the video to see the frog leap. Physics tells us (through Hooke's Law) that by compressing a spring then the frog will leap proportionally to that distance. 

Preschool learned that Morning Glories are a sign of summer. 

We tried to make card pictures with fancy tape, stickers and flower designs!

The K. kids made television sets. 

We put dinosaurs and other animals in motion. Click on the box to see our results. 

The upper grades worked on creating wind chime pictures. 

These are called "furin" in Japanese. 

We tried to make a wind chime but it was difficult to drill a hole in glass; so, we decided to make drinking glasses instead. 

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