Thursday, July 9, 2020

Summer School - Week 1

It has been a fantastic start to our Summer School despite the rainy weather! The children have all been enjoying a wide range of activities - Language, Math, Inquiry, PE, STEM and Art throughout the week.


The first week of summer school was all about who we are. We learned about our body and how our senses help us understand and appreciate the world around us. We had fun learning new songs but our favorite is the “clean up song”! We also learned counting by singing the “Number Rock”. We found out how many members there are in our family through a mini family pictograph.  We also measured how big our foot is by using colorful cubes! Our class had so much fun describing famous cartoon characters. Some have big blue eyes, long golden hair, and some have cute and silly faces too. We ended the week by doing a guessing game just by looking at our classmate’s eyes. Most importantly, we realized how unique we all are and that each one of us is special. 


During week 1 of summer school Pre-K and Kindergarten students did research on a sea animal of their choice using Epic! After researching they interviewed their classmates to learn more about other sea animals. As a class, we made an ocean habitat using our creativity and knowledge as well as discovered that some sea animals are similar and important to us. 

Students explored capacity and played a game using water, cups, and flat marbles. 

Grade 1

In grade one we have been learning about recycling and ways we can make new things using PET bottles, cardboard and paper. We made our own recycled paper using scrap paper and water.In math we have been learning about picture graphs, bar graphs and pie graphs to show what our favorite pets and movies are.

Grade 2 & 3

In our class, we have been looking at How We Express Ourselves with a focus on art and animation. The students had to tell a short and simple story, first by making a storyboard and then creating a stop animation film using lego and other props. Once they had taken photos, students had to edit the pictures into a movie and add music, sound and captions. 
We have also been reviewing our knowledge and understanding of 2D and 3D shapes including going on a shape treasure hunt around the school.

 Grade 4-6

We had a wonderful first week of summer school in grades 4-6! Summer school in the upper grades is filled with choice and promoting student agency. This week we began our independent inquiry projects. Each student chose something they were personally interested in learning about and made a plan to work toward success over the next few weeks. Ask your child what they chose to learn about! We are also doing individualized math, where students selected an area they would like to improve on and have been watching videos, playing games, and solving problems to practice. After reading several stories this week, we are beginning to plan our own picture books. We used a graded watercolor technique for the background of one of the pages in our book, and we will continue practicing new watercolor techniques in the coming weeks to build our beautiful, colorful picture books.

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