Friday, July 24, 2020

Preschool & Pre-K Week 3: How the world works

    For summer school week 3 we learned about materials and matter. First, we classified if matter around us is natural or man made. Next, we identified what things are made of (plastic, metal, wood, glass). We used the classroom microscope so we can identify which rocks are smooth and which ones are rough.

    We also learned that matter changes its state (solid, liquid, gas). On Thursday, we made pancakes and witnessed how these 3 states of matter changed our pancake mixture and turned it into a yummy afternoon snack! All of us flipped our pancakes and we saw some bubbles formed on it too! Our little preschoolers were so thrilled to make it for the first time and everyone was so happy to have a pancake party.

    For Friday, we had so much fun sharing our favorite toys for our “Show and Tell”. We talked about what our toy is made of and usually, our toys are made of plastic. We investigated if an object can sink or float too.

To cap off our week, we had fun with bubbles and realized that it is actually gas in a liquid! 

         See you again next week Preschool and Pre-K! Let's learn more while having lots of fun!

         Have a great weekend!😁

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