Thursday, February 7, 2019

Preschool - Making Shadows

I would like to thank everyone who came 
today to Celebration of Learning!
It was awesome to see all our students get excited to show their parents around the classroom and showing what they have been doing at school lately.

We continued learning about shadows and light this week for our inquiry and I am so happy to see our students show great interest in this inquiry!

We had fun tracing the shadows of 
our toy Dinosaur and truck

We experimented creating different shadows using our hands as well as using different toys on the projector.

We learnt that the shadow gets bigger when we place our toy close to the light, and it gets smaller when we walk away from the light.

Our students love PMP time, playing games with their friends, learning to take turns and developing their gross motor skills!

Shouting out 'Shadows!'
We learnt that shadows appear 
when the suns out and it disappears when 
the sun goes away!

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