Thursday, February 7, 2019

Grade 3 Celebration of Learning

Today was Celebration of Learning at SIS.  The children throughout the school had an opportunity to showcase what they learned throughout the unit How We Express Ourselves.  In grade three we learned about advertisements and how art can affect a person.  Our summative project was to create a commercial for a product, that was either created or one that currently exists.  They presented their commercials to their parents during celebration of learning!  

Designing our products to sell

Presenting our commercials to our parents!

Heart Bag - Marc, Izzy, & Ai

Kaleidoscope - Cameron, Yuito, & Mano

Posca Pens - Selim, Belma & Janaa

Secret Diary - Sooa, Azra, & Luciana

Wing Designer Shoes - Yasmina, Hyedam, & Esra

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