Thursday, February 7, 2019

Grade 1 - Celebration of Learning

Today we had our Celebration of Learning for the unit How We Express Ourselves. In Grade 1, students were divided into groups to create a skit about communicating a particular feeling. We all planned and thought about the various ways to communicate the feeling besides verbal communication, and incorporated them into our skits. The four groups presented feeling excited, worried, scared, and upset. It was definitely challenging, but also fun to plan our skits and to act out the different feelings in each situation.  

In math, we worked on describing shapes according to their attributes. We communicated with our group to figure out how to sort and categorize different 2D shapes. Even though we had different ideas, we were able to come to a group decision about how to group the shapes together and think about which attribute to use. We hope to continue utilizing and applying our communication skills throughout the rest of this year! 

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