Friday, February 8, 2019

Checkout Clerk G 5 and 6 Celebration of Learning

Automated checkout stands tend to be popular these days but they leave out the interaction between the clerk and the customer. The checkout clerk sometimes has to be a thinker when dealing with difficult customers. 

We expressed ourselves by making an original script and video with a problematic customer for our Celebration of Learning. The clerk sometimes has to be a psychologist when dealing with people who have twisted logic. Our boys videotaped and acted as directors for our production. It took us 60 tries! 

These girls from Grade 5 were the announcers for our 1st Celebration of Learning of 2019. The girls made what they were going to say from scratch. 

We made a connection between our Japanese class and English classes. 

We decorated Japanese kimonos and made Haiku poems. 

We were exposed to Magic Eye books in Grade 3 and 4. Our ICT teacher on the request of the Grade 5 and 6 teacher taught the children how to actually make these hidden pictures. This art appeared in the Japanese Times and people used to buy this newspaper to see these 3D stereographic pictures.  

Click on the picture and read the caption.

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