Friday, October 19, 2018

IB Learner Profile - Inquirer

SIS has been promoting the IB Learner Profile attributes school-wide during our Tuesday morning meetings and Library time.  We focus on one featured attribute for three weeks.  This time, it is the attribute of being an "Inquirer".  During each morning meeting teachers share stories, videos and ideas about the attribute in order to help students understand what they mean and how others show themselves being that attribute.  We are trying to show the students that if they can be all the Learner Profile attributes, then they could be successful with anything they want to do.  Also, a few 3rd Grade students made a, yet to be named, girl that helps show and symbolize the attributes.  Now, she has a magnifying glass with a question mark in it to show she is an inquirer.  We look forward to finding out what she will get next!

The morning meetings are also an opportunity for students to present and share their work or ideas about how they are that learner profile attribute, what it means to them or places they see the attribute.  Throughout the week, if any student creates something like a story, artwork, poem, journal, etc. related to the featured attribute and shares it with their teacher, they can get a "Learner Profile Raffle Ticket" to put into our "I am..." box.  There are many other ways for students to get raffle tickets.  They could be by finding stories with characters that show the attribute, sharing action they have taken to be that attribute or being seen by a teacher showing that attribute.  Basically, anything that shows that they are thinking about and striving to be the Learner Profile!  At the end of the three weeks, we pick some winners who can choose any book they want to enjoy and hopefully help influence them to be more of that attribute or any others! 

All the work and ideas that the students have goes up on the wall in the hallway to share with everyone who enters our school, showing our guests and fellow students that we have great character!

In addition to all of that, we have a new Learner Profile bookshelf in the library showcasing all the books about the featured attribute.  A few 3rd Grade students did a great job making the frame for that!  

During library time, the classes read and discuss the books together to help further their understandings and connections with the attributes as well.  Then when the featured attribute changes, they are free to check out those books to explore on their own.

We look forward to seeing all our students become and be the Learner Profile!

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