Friday, June 7, 2019

Senior Project Presentation G6

On Tuesday, June 11th, we will have a PYP Senior Presentation Project on Carbon Dioxide and Air Pollution. We have invited some of the Upper SIS classes to come. Pictured above is a lemon tree that  provides a lot of oxygen for the environment. 

These are the molds and crystals that we used to make a ball for Science Week. We apologize that some of the Prekindergarten children didn't make the balls. Their teacher opted to do another activity. 

Water was the key catalyst in the reaction to make the polymer. In our 5/6 classroom, we have been learning simplistic Algebra. We found out that the word Algebra means mending broken bones. G5 made some a broccoli sprout prop, a collar called a ruff and a crown. Also, next week is when progress reports need to be handed in to the administration. 

In the Mad Scientist Club in ASP, we had fun with LED lights! Check it out! 

Grade 5 made the person playing the queen in Alice in Wonderland a ruff collar and a crown. 

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