Thursday, June 6, 2019

Elmore Social and Emotional development

This week Pre-K learnt about what it means to be a kind and caring person through characters in the story Elmore by
Elmore is a porcupine who is lonely, none of the forest creatures want to play with elmore because of her porcupine spikes.

We started the week by talking about being kind and helping those around us in thoughtful ways. We read Elmore and spoke about how it feels to be lonely. We spoke about feelings like sadness, anger and loneliness can sometimes cloud our judgement and create bigger problems. Sometimes we just need a friendly face to listen to us, help us or make us feel included.

 We made a circle and complemented each other understanding how helping others can help ourselves as it makes us feel good!

We decided to discuss the middle of story, when Elmore was very sad and wanted to give up. She spoke to her uncle and felt a lot better. Instead of the uncle we inserted ourselves in the story and discussed what we would say or do to make Elmore feel better. We drew what would we would do or say to Elmore to make her feel better. 

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