Friday, June 14, 2019


This week, we made a lattice prop for a rose garden in Alice in Wonderland

 Everybody is putting the finishing touches on their costumes.

We practiced the logistics of our Celebration of Learning by lining up and we went through a dry run of our presentations. 

Our class played cards during recess to relieve our stress from getting our projects done for our portfolios. 
Diego gave his Senior Presentation to 4 different grade levels.  We will have a video of it next week. 
Some of us have been reading a short novel entitled Kensuke's Kingdon. It has been teaching us about government. This is a brief passage from Beyza's book report summary- "I think the point of this book is to obey the rules of your government and do it without the government having to remind you. In this kind of government, you must help people even if they are your enemies. You must listen to the leader or you will get kicked out. Kensuke ruled his own kingdom and kept it safe. He made sure that everyone obeyed his rules if they wanted to live there." 

Other members of our class have been reading Holes. This book is about a crooked law enforcement officer that makes people dig holes as a task. The secret reason that the Warden is making them dig the holes is because there is a buried treasure somewhere. Eren will share his review next week. 

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