Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Pre-K Visual literacy and Outdoor exploration

We had a fabulous week this week, wearing out costumes, exploring outside and starting to build on early reading strategies.

This week we have been focusing on the 'Caring' IB learning profile that connects us to our central idea of 'Human beings care for livings things.
Weaving a web of kindness, we read the invisible string a story that talks about how everyone is valued and love by invisible strings to family, friends and communities. We decided to talk about the invisible strings that connect us in our classroom and how everyone is important and never alone.

Although sometimes we can feel alone, we aren't their are invisible love strings attached to our hearts from all over the world.

We would choose someone in the class and say "I care about you because" and miss jasmine would pass them the string we started to connect the whole class.

First costumes!! We are so thankful to our parents and carers getting us ready for our performance. We have been practicing our singing, dancing and stage presence! Talking about space on a stage and encouraging each other to do our best.

Outdoor exploration and discovery

Counting, ordering and recognizing numbers 0-12

Being able to make meaning from the text by understanding the story line. We also started to understand the role pictures play in a text and they can gives us clues as to what the author has written. We chose books and predicted what the story will be about.

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