Thursday, January 26, 2017

Grade 2: Expressing Ourselves

As we continue in our current theme, grade 2 has been exploring more ways we can express our emotions, thoughts and feelings. The class completed story planners and are now in the process of writing their own short stories. The class has shown a lot of enthusiasm and imagination in their writing so far. As they continue through the writing process, some students are on the final production stage and have been typing them up on the computer. I can't wait to see their final product!

As a class, we have been preparing a dance music video. The students have shown great co-operation when planning their dances. They have started to record their dance moves as they plan and practice the dance. Next week, we will start to record the dance sequences.

In preparation for the Art Exhibit next Friday, grade 2 has been busy putting some final touches on their snow drawings. They have created a multi-media art piece using a variety of tools and materials, and the effect of all these materials in combination is wonderful!

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