Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday, January 20: Expression Through Art

In grade 2 this week, we continued our exploration of visual arts and dance. In pairs, students completed a "book walk". Each group looked through a book and found some interesting information to add to their charts. Then, students got to share with the class something they learned from their art book.

On Wednesday, we learned a little bit about Picasso and his style of painting called cubism. As a class, we looked at some paintings and brainstormed some elements of the artwork (such as color, shape, emotion, what the person in the painting may be feeling, and how we feel when we look at the painting). Then students got to create their own paintings! Most of the class chose to create a portrait, but some students decided to use cubism in a different way. They all show excellent creativity and personal expression!

Today we began our artwork for the upcoming art exhibition coming up in February. Since it was snowing today at recess, the class decided they wanted to create art based on snowy weather and how it makes them feel. Both groups got a great start to their drawings, it will be exciting to see the finished product soon! 

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